Table of Contents

Introduction by the Editors
José Ramos, Sharon Ede, Michel Bauwens and Gien Wong


Section 1: Cosmolocal Framings

A Genealogy of Cosmolocalism
Alexandros Schismenos, Vasilis Niaros and Lucas Lemos

“Do-It-Together”: Towards the Factories of the Future
Laurent Dupont, Fedoua Kasmi, Joshua M. Pearce, Roland J. Ortt

Evolving Systems for Generative Justice: Decolonial Approaches to the Cosmolocal
Ron Eglash, Audrey Bennett, Michael Lachney, and William Babbitt

The Pulsation of the Commons: The Temporal Context for the Cosmolocal Transition
Michel Bauwens and José Ramos

Section 2: Building Cosmolocal Ecosystems

Making Room for the Community-Based Circular Economy
Sharon Ede

Cosmolocal Questions: From Tech Trend to Protocol Commons
José Ramos

Fab Cities and the Urban Transformations of the 21st Century
Tomas Diez

Financing Cosmolocalism
Andrew Ward

Cosmolocalism, a Tool for the Social Appropriation of Knowledge and Rural Development
Willmar Ricardo Rugeles Joya

Section 3: Challenging Cosmolocalism

Repositioning Cosmolocal In A ‘Beyond’ Space-Place
Michael McAllum

Cosmolocalization & Localization: Towards a Critical Convergence
Helena Norberg-Hodge, Alex Jensen, Steven Gorelick and Henry Coleman

An Interview with Paul Wildman: the Australian Bush Mechanic and her Potential in Helping to Save the Planet
Paul Wildman with Michel Bauwens

Cases and Examples

Section 4: Cosmolocal Stories

Let there be light: IIT Bombay’s SoUL Project to Energize
Rural India
Raji Ajwani Ramchandani and Snehal Awate

Rural Dynamism in the Digital Age
David Li

An Open Source Preemptive Strike in the Coming War Over The Freedom to Make Your Own Products
Joshua M. Pearce

Utopia Maker
Chrystèle Bazin

AgOpenGPS and DIY Open Farm Innovation: An Overview
Chris Bennett

Chang’an: 3D Printing Cyberpunk Town on Pearl River Delta
Vicky Xie, David Li, and Kangkang Zhang

Section 5: Cosmolocal Explorations

Wind Empowerment, Pico-hydro and Nea Guinea
Vasilis Kostakis, Kostas Latoufis, Minas Liarokapis, Michel Bauwens

Farm Hack: A Farmer-Driven Platform for Knowledge Exchange
Chris Giotitsas

L’atelier Paysan: Peasants Building Their Own Tools
Chris Giotitsas

Open Bionics
Vasilis Kostakis, Kostas Latoufis, Minas Liarokapis, Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Niaros

Alekos Pantazis and Morgan Meyer

MuSIASEM: Accounting for material/energy flows and their limits
Michel Bauwens and Alex Pazaitis, with additions from Gien Wong

FabChain: Linking advanced research to urban metabolisms and mainstream production
and manufacturing
Michel Bauwens and Alex Pazaitis

FairCoin and FairCoop: Tools for a cosmo-local, open cooperative
Michel Bauwens and Alex Pazaitis

Gabor Kiss

Holochain: An alternative to a global distributed ledger, based on biomimicry
Michel Bauwens and Alex Pazaitis

Jose Ramos and Melissa Fuller

Section 6: Cosmolocal Q&A

bHive Cooperative
Ian McBurney, in response to questions by Jose Ramos

Open Motors
Yuki Liu, in response to questions by Jose Ramos

Carolina Portugal in response to questions by Jose Ramos

Section 7: Cosmolocal Snapshots

Sharon Ede

Vasilis Kostakis

Michel Bauwens and Jose Ramos

Field Ready
Sharon Ede

Jose Ramos

Christina Priavolou

LEKA Restaurant
Sharon Ede

Michel Bauwens

Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies
Sharon Ede

Open Source Ecology
Jose Ramos

OSE Microhouse
Christina Priavolou

Open Desk
Sharon Ede

Open Food Network
Sharon Ede

Open Insulin
Jose Ramos

Precious Plastic
Abril Chimal

Jose Ramos

Christina Priavolou

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